Happiness Not A Cliche


Happiness is a state of mind.Happiness is an innate feeling of joy.We smile,we laugh, we even cry when we are happy.Happiness is not dependent on someone.Happiness is self created.We say loving relationships keep us happy.Yes it is true.We are humans.It is natural for us to express love or want to be loved.But in this superficial world is it easy to connect with each and every one or find a true loved one.Unconditional love gives us happiness.When we love and just love someone knowing the darkest side.A trusting relationship gives us happiness.

Undoubtedly in this hi tech, fast pace world relationships are based on selfish terms.This is a give and take world.Moreover relationships are measured in terms of status, money, power, position. Nowadays fame gives people happiness.People get elated when shown on a media.It is a all hype and hypocrisy.

Happiness is indeed a choice.I get immense happiness going to orphanages. It my sound weird as we go by the stereotyped  concept of happiness. 

So the big question arises are we really happy?If Yes is the answer then why do we have to talk about happiness.Why do we need to hold seminars and workshops and search formulas to  be happy.We as humans are endowed to be happy.

With the advancement of technology,better health care facilities, access to latest gadgets,modernization we are much better off.Still there is some emptiness which deprives the feeling of euphoria.

Stay in palatial houses,going to lavish tours or living in exorbitant hotels is the ultimate goal to reach happiness or a marriage a passport to happiness.If so, why so many spiritual gurus giving lessons of life or the art of living.Money is related to happiness.But if we have less cant we be happy?

Going for a morning walk, flying a kite,or giving left over food to a  stray dog can give happiness.So happiness is intrinsic.Happiness can be derived accomplishing a challenging task.It can be achieved by helping someone to get out of a difficult situation.Happiness is realized when we get personal respect or recognition or appreciation of our good work.We don’t have to invest anything to get happiness.Happiness can also not achieved be achieved by reading books.We have to become more empathetic towards the pains and sorrows of others.This will make us a better person or rather a happier person

So, why wait to go to a happiness expert.It is in your hands.You have never discovered it.The endorphins,dopamine,serotonin and Oxycontin all happy hormones are in your body you should learn to release it.

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