Women An Epitome of Strength


The  International Women’s’ Day is celebrated on 8th March to highlight women. A week before the day the achievements and contributions of women have boasted all around. Seminars and workshops are conducted on “Women Empowerment” and “Women Liberation” and women on different platforms are invited to share their stories.

Women have been a significant part of society. It is unspeakable women have proved themselves in all walks of life and work shoulder to shoulder with men. From time immemorial women have been a great source of inspiration such as Rani Laxmi Bai, Devi Ahilya Bai,  Mother Teresa, Indira Gandhi, Hillary Clinton and many more who have brought about a change in the social fabric with their outstanding initiative. Their dynamism and power are incredible.

Unfortunately, women are suppressed in our society. They are subjugated and not treated fairly. A girl child is considered a burden in the house and her destiny is marriage. A woman has to be on toes all the time and keep the whole family happy many a time neglecting her personal likes. She is not the financial decision maker in the house. Women despite having multidimensional skills are confined within the four walls of the house doing mundane tasks.

We are modernized still the society is male-dominated. Very few women hold top positions in organizations. Women are discriminated and paid less in comparison to their male counterparts. Women succumb to domestic violence and exploitation.

What is a woman of substance? Every woman is unique in herself. Every woman has her own share of sacrifices and enduring times. Women will be respected more in society if they focus on building education, character and inner strength. As external beauty is transitory, ephemeral. Feminism does not mean misusing freedom. It is standing up for your rights, being bold, genuine and fearless. Womanhood does not mean to flaunt the external beauty. The true beauty of a woman lies in being lovable, compassionate and brave. A woman is endowed with the qualities of patience, tolerance, and generosity that is why she is able to run families efficiently.

We have to come out of the narrow – mindedness. People must change their mindsets. Women will be liberated if they become independent, creative and aware. Instead of glorifying the women on the “International Women’s Day” why not love, adore and honor women each day.

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