Life Management Lessons from Lord Hanuman

Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated in India to celebrate the birth of powerful, immortal Lord Hanuman. Lord Hanuman is the 11th incarnation of Lord Shiv known to possess super human qualities. The chanting of the Hanuman Chalisa has magical influence over the true devotees of Lord Hanuman. Hanuman played a very important role in the epic of Ramayana. Hanuman is the most prominent god in Kalyug. Hanuman protects people from debacles. Hanuman is the most sought after God of young people.

On this day of Hanuman Jayanti let us learn some life management skills from Lord Hanuman.

Mastering Communication Skills

 From the incidents of Ramayan we can note that Lord Hanuman met Sita first in ashok vatika. Sita was not able to recognise him immediatedly. But with Hanumans remarkable communication skills he could assure Sita that he is the only messenger of Lord Rama. Therefore speaking and presentation skills are very essential to  make an impact and assert oneself.


 While crossing sea Gods had sent Sursa to test Hanuman. Sursa tried to obstruct the way of Hanuman by stretching herself. Hanuman too stretched himself into an enormous form. After that Hanuman transformed himself into his orginial form. This elated Sura. Therfore only  having competence does not lead to victory. Humbleness and politeness is equally important.

Never Compromise on Your Ideals

 In Lanka in ashok vatika when there was a war between Hanuman and Meghnath.   Megnath displayed the power of “Brahmastra” to defeat  the enemy.Hanuman could have broken the “Brahmastra” but he did not do it beasuse he did not want to lesson its importance. Here Lord Hanuman teaches us we should not compromise over our ideals.

Multidimensional Qualities

  We many time exhibit our powers and knowledge when it is not required. Hanuman teaches to be multi-faceted and act according to the situation. In front of Sita Hanuman played the role of son. But he became a destroyer for the demons.To use our might in different circumstances and when required.

Finding Solutions To Problems

In order to cure Laxman Hanuman went in search of the herb. Unable to find the right herb he lifted the whole mountain. So instead of being dubious we should try to find solutions to problems.

Abstain from Self Approbation

 When Hanuman returned from Lanka with the message of Sita’s well being. He did not boast about his mettle in front of Lord Rama proving his nobility.

Leadership Skills

 While Hanuman was constructing bridge in the sea it was Hanuman’s organisational and leadership skills that could motivate the mischievous monkeys in getting the task done. During Ram and Ravan war Hanuman managed the whole army of monkeys with his brilliance.

Leaving Comfort Zone for Career Development

If we have to uplift our career and grow in life we must get rid of the comfort zones. Hanuman was the son of the king. Still he began to work as the secretary of Sugreev. On this post he performed various big roles easily and occupied a place in Lord Rams heart. So we should become such employee who is an asset to his boss at the same dear to him.

It is ironical that India is  having the biggest youth population.But on account of lack of life management coping strategies their potential remain untapped. Lord Hanuman is a great ideal of the younger generation. The character of Hanuman is full of courage, knowledge and strength. So on this great festival of Hanuman Jayanti let us all imbibe the life traits of Lord Hanuman and make our nation stronger and stronger.

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