Education At CrossRoads

The results of CBSE class X and XII have been declared. The students have leapt forward with astounding success. Results have shown the hard work and consistency of the students, teachers and their parents.

Students have passed with flying colours. The great determination and spirit of the students helped in achieving their desired score. Nowadays the competition is increasing day by day and the syllabus is also very wide. The students are under pressure to perform. Moreover, our education system is such that value high grades of students. The high grades do land students into elite professional courses opening a gateway to earning fat income. But the proper application of knowledge and its true implementation is very important.

Our education is subjective. By the time our student finishes school he is conditioned to that learning. But in the entrance and competitive exams, objective questions are asked. This time of preparation involves a different type of coaching and exposure. The students need to pass their school exams as well as prepare for the competition to fulfil their dream career. Such type of education system demands a lot from the student. Many a time the students are not able to cope up with the tough and rigid system ending up into depression and frustration.

Our education system is not skill based but marks and degree oriented. When the students get into the job market they face performance and output related problems due to lack of training and orientation.

In order to excel and give the best the students toil hard with little focus on nurturing moral values, creativity, spirituality, social skills, life skills etc. Moreover, our students give up very soon. The rise in suicide cases after the results are declared is an eye-opener. Education should be such that to prepare students to face life. Earning name and fame should not be the sole motive of education. How far education is able to cultivate humanity in a student to help him become a true citizen of the nation. Education should bring in humility, character, faith.

In the present circumstances, the students also face a lot of exam-related stress and anxiety which affects them at a tender age. And they spend more time on social media sites rather than indulging in sports or adventure activities. This kills the personality of the child at the foundation level making insensitive and indifferent.

We relate education as a means to achieve material success. But does material success lead to inner growth and advancement? The sky is the limit. We should try to inculcate such values in students that they develop a feeling of gratitude and satisfaction. The qualities like mutual cooperation, trust, empathy and respect should be developed in children which would as whole serve the purpose of true education.

Learning should become a process to cultivate knowledge and skill making our students confident and happier. “

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