Melting of Glaciers A Threat

due to glaciers melting human life is jeopardised.
climate change

 According to   a study the melting of  Himalayan glaciers had greatly increased in the last two decades. Due to an increase in temperature glaciers of Himalayas are on the verge of decline.

According to the statistics in the last 25 years approximate 400 crore tons of ice being melted in the Himalayan glaciers. The biggest peril in the recent times is that the Himalayan glaciers will be devastated by melting of the glaciers. Every year the Himalayan glaciers are declining by 20 inches According to a study published in Science Advance journal around 800  crore ton of water is lost. 1 degree temperature is increased in the Himalays scattered over 2 thousand kilometre area. Due to this the melting of glaciers  will doubly increase. This has led to a drastic change in Himalayas and posing a threat to the 650 glaciers. If the global climate fails to save earth from global warming then 2/3 of Himalayan glaciers will melt.

The human life will be at stake as they are dependent on their survival from the rivers flowing in these Himalayan regions. The countries i.e India, China, Mymar, Nepal, Afganistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Bhutan which fall under the Himkush region will have adverse effects on the lives of their people. The aftermath of melting glaciers may lead to several consequences. It may lead to flood like situations. The diposition of black carbon in the glaciers due to the effect of  some gases like carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide  can be very harmful. It was witnessed sometime back in Kedarnath . A greater number of population will face the problem of food production.At the same time due to increase in temperature air pollution will be on rise and the sources of electricity will diminish.

The burning of wood and coal on large scale in Asian counties lead to air pollution. The burning of these takes the smoke to the sky along with carbon. When polluted clouds reaches the mountains they in turn led to the melting of the glaciers.

The human population is dependent on the Himalayan glaciers for irrigation, drinking water.  melting of glaciers is also  threat to farmers.their food production would be badly affected. About 70% of the population of this region are farmers

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