Importance Of Trees

Trees help in spreading greenry

According to a study there is a need to plant one lakh corer tree.Every single tree is valuable. .The continuous cutting of trees in jungle is posing a threat to environment. At this hour it is important to spread awareness about our natural resources. The value of a tree is much more than giving oxygen and shelter. A tree also helps in soil erosion, water  recycling, improve soil fertility and granting fresh air.

A study was conducted by an NGO” Delhi Greens” in 2013 in which it was revealed that oxygen given by one healthy tree in a year is more than 30 lakhs as this explains how each tree is valuable and how our endeavour to plant a tree is important.

How jungles help us

  • Jungles help to control floods.If the trees are reduced to 10% then the occurrence of floods is increased to more than 28%. According to a study conducted in those states where jungles are less there is more chance of floods.
  • Jungles help us to prevent diseases such as asthama. 343 trees minimise the risk of asthama by 33%. They also help to stop the diseases malaria as they stop the mosquitoes entering to disease prone areas.
  • There are 50,000 varieties of trees which have medicinal value.After China India has more such types of trees.In India there are 3000 such plants which are used to produce medicines
  • The death caused by environment will be reduced to 9% if more and more trees are planted as in cities as per the study by the organisation”Nature Conservancy”.Every year 36000 people can be saved with green environment.

What one tree does for us

  • Trees help to control the temperature by 1-5 degree to a particular area and reduce CO2.
  • Trees help in raining and increase in ground water.With the help of one tree 3500 litre water can be obtained from rains.
  • A tree helps to soak poisonous chemicals like lead, lithium.This makes the soil fertile and good for farming.
  • One tree lowers down 6% smog. This helps to filter air and save our lungs.
  • Tree can also help to save electricity. If adequate trees are planted, people need not depend on AC. Trees in turn gives solace and releief from heat
  • Tree can also help save different variety of birds. Almost 84 animals are becoming extinct. Only trees can offer them a dwelling place.

At present time lot of trees are being cut. Therefore the government is planning an agenda to spread more jungles by planting trees. Jungles are life savior.

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