Importance Of Hindi Diwas

Hindi Diwas is celebrated every year on 14th September. Hindi (script Devnagri) was declared as the official language by our Constitution on 14th September 1949. Hindi is the second language of the world. After Chinese Hindi is the second most spoken language in the world. Hindi is a complete language in itself. In India and other countries more than 60 crore people read, write and speak Hindi. Apart from being a   state language, a language used for powerful communication. Hindi is emerging as world language. Hindi is used in different ways. A news channel anchor speaks   Hindi in different ways and a radio jockey speaks in a different way.

As such India is is a diverse,multilingual country having its own culture, politics and historic significance.Hindi is most widely spoken language in our country.That is the reason why Mahatma Gandhi said that Hindi is our public language..

 Internet and mobile technique came in English but Hindi adopted it very quickly. We can see that Hindi has shown its credibility as all multinational companies favouring Hindi.Even the biggest search engine Google which used to give importance to English content is  accepting Hindi content as well.Recently Amazon India as launched its Hindi app. Because of the boom in Internet the no of people reading newspaper in Hindi has increased to 6 crore. By 2021 there will be more of Hindi internet users.

Hindi is  an ancient, great, enriched and    national language of our country. But nowdays English language is in vogue .In our country speaking English is considered a mark of respect  and sign of modernism .But a foreign language cannot become a language of common people.Event it is proven by psychologists that children learn very fast in their mother tongue.

In various universities of the world Hindi is taught. In Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, America, Britain,Germany,New Zealand many other countries Hindi is spoken.

 Today even the President of America is encouraging Americans to speak Hindi in various assemblies. India is becoming a major super power so must propagate the use of our language and make India great.

Hindi Diwas would be relevant when we start respecting our language and widen its usage in offices, Parliament and educational institutes.

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