One Who Lives Every Moment

One who lives every moment enjoys his life fullest.Life is not to worry about the future or brood about the past but to live with joy, ecstasy and fun.He or she knows the true meaning of life because he enjoys all the lovely moments of life like the sunshine, the dewdrop, the sliver lining of the cloud, an adventrous journey, a friend loving gesture. One who lives every moment see the child’s innocence, loves to hear the cry of the newborn.

One who lives every moment knows the dark face of life that anything might happen tomorrow, a mishap may occur, someone may break our heart so we may get disheraten. Life may turn topsy turvy. But still in those difficult, enduring moments of life we keep our patience, strength and courage and live life and face it with determination. Then the moments of life become meaningful because we have lived those moments come out of the grave situation.

Life is not to cry over split mil. Life is not to regret.But to live in the present moment so that future may bring new hopes.One who lives every moment does not remember the painful moments but forgets and march ahead with confidence.

One who lives every moment cuts his birthday cake and waits for laughter next year.One who lives every moment goes for a swim, strolls in a garden and surprises his friends with bouquet.One who lives every moments sips cup of coffee with his adorable family.One who lives every moment reads the morning newspaper and buys the daily grocery.

One who lives every moment hug a friend, flies a balloon and collects pearls from the ocean.One who lives every moments sings aloud and prays hard.One who live every moment rejoices in bliss.One who lives every moment holds the hand of his beloved. One who lives every moment waits for his promotion and cherishes success to make life wonderful.One who lives every moment reads his favorite book.One who lives every moment relish his delicacy.

One who live every moment climbs up the mountain gazes the limitless sky.One who lives every moment watch the glittering stars and hopes for a better tomorrow.One who lives every moment wakes up in the dawn and works till dusk.One who lives every moment waits for his girlfriend, packs the back of the winner , sits by the side of the ailing.

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