Internet of Things- The New Buzzword

Many companies like Google, Apple, IBM, Cisco has been successful in the field of the Internet of things. Seeing their good performance, business in India and abroad have shifted their focus to non-traditional business. According to one report by Gartner by 2020 the internet of things is going to be 309 Arab dollars. As per one survey by 2021 28 Arab devices will be connected to internet. Out of these 16 Arab will be IoT devices. Mobile data traffic will also increase by 15 times in the coming time. IoT devices would work miraculously. They can help organizations reduce cost and increased production through improved efficiency.

 Kevin Ashton in 1999 first introduced the concept of the Internet of things. Internet of things is such development in communication and information technology that it would lead to drastic change in our living style. Our work will be simplified. This will not only reduce manpower but will also save time which can be utilized for other work.

Internet of things can be a person with a heart monitor implant, an automobile that has built in sensors to alert the driver when tier pressure is low. Day to day objects such as cars, trucks, consumer durable and other industrial components are being combined with internet connectivity and powerful data analytic that would transform the way we work, live and play.

Internet of things is also called internet of objects or internet of everything or machine to machine era. Internet of things create a wireless network between objects. This will make the appliance work on itself. It will remove the myth that internet makes communication between people possible. Now appliance and other electronic item will work connecting to wireless network. Thus, internet of things is a complex blend of hardware, software, and other digital technique which is based on cloud computing and helps to connect innumerable system and devices. This is a revolution in the field of technology and business. IoT devices are based on data and internet connections.

 Internet of things means internet network or connection of electronic devices. This is a global network in which people with objects are connected by cloud computing, data capture, and network communication. The first product came in 1892 when coke machine connecting to internet was made. In it was tested that any cold drink added is fee zed or not. In this situation internet of things will play its role. It will work by sensor which would timely become alert. As people are becoming busier internet of things is the need of the hour.

 In recent years we have seen digital changes. According to business specialists in future as well this sector will flourish. IoT plays an important role in maintaining transparency, data strategy in any business. Internet of things is based on accumulating data coming from different sources. IoT will be mostly utilized in transportation, logistics, medical, food and security sector.

 For example, your cold drink temperature is reduced to normal then, you will automatically receive a message on your phone or email that the cold drink is not worth drinking as it is hot. Alert notification is its first level. This is a big revolution. This is a challenge for human civilization which is incredible.

 IoT help in expanding automation and cultivating environment. This will accelerate the working process and would also increase work output. IOT will replace BPO jobs by automation jobs. In IOT there is a role of data sharing because on cloud on different interconnected devices data is collected. Connectivity is called the oxygen of IoT system. So, it is required that no device is separated from the cloud.

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