Technology can Revolutionize Education

This is the age of information. We have modernized, and ushered into the digital arena. Everything is available at the click of the mouse. Due to the boom in information technology education has become digital worldwide. The world is changing very fast. Artificial intelligence, robotics, neural networks are the buzz words. Technology can certainly revolutionize education.

Moreover, in the 21st century students have access to tablets iPad s, desktops, laptops, mobile phones which revolutionized the world’s education. Technology is changing our learning processes’ children acquainted with technology at an early age will cope up with the emerging digital trends very fast. It will be essential for them to learn computers as in future everything will be computerized. They will have to go digital to face the challenges of future.

 In the present times traditional classrooms have become outdated. The chalk and duster concept are replaced by smart classrooms. The human teacher acts as a guide. Nowadays, students learn from interactive textbooks. These textbooks do not purely consist of text and picture. They also include animation, videos and other materials which have made the content more tech savvy, innovative and fun learning for students.

 Social media platforms provide a wide range of opportunities for students to explore and enhance their knowledge. Blogging, Twitter, Facebook, Apps and other digital platforms have changed the face of modern education. Ebooks have become popular. The students need not carry heavy begs and burden themselves with unnecessary books. It is now possible for students to access e -books anywhere and at any time.

Due to the boom of voice recognition software children with special needs and poor in language are able to communicate in language-based contents. The revolution in digital is helping weak children learn fast. We have heard of the theory of multiple intelligence technology helps to teach all kinds of students. Because of power of search engines like google web-based research has made information gathering very flexible. Though we have library instead of hunting books in the library internet is a better used by the people for gathering information and knowledge.

Online learning is in vogue these days. The students need not travel remote areas to procure quality education. New online courses are emerging. Thus, the revolution in education due to technology has broken the geographical barriers and made learning much easier. New online courses are emerging (massive open online courses) such as Khan Academy, Udemy, Future Learn and many others. They are designed to meet a future job requirement, and are skill based.Interestingly, online learners can learn at varying pace depending upon their ability and the amount of time they are willing to devote to their learning effort.  Learners can schedule their learning time as they wish.

The teacher and student can now interact with internet-based file sharing messaging applications. This helps them in touch all the time.   The educational institutions can effectively assess their learning to use online assessments. Thus, saving time and money. Digital education is making learning a lifelong activity.

 Technology can revolutionize education as it can lead to reduction in costs, the students have to bear while enrolling for any course. Technology is bringing positive changes in world’s education.

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