Do We Live In Fear?

We are as such happy and satisfied but do we live in fear? We fear of closed spaces, crowds, heights above all fear of losing our identity, our credentials. We fear terrorist attacks which would hamper our peace and disturb our lives. We fear some harsh government policies which all of us push us to act against our wish. We fear of road accidents that would injure us and leave us impaired. We living in so many fears but still we enjoy our daily lives. We cherish the beautiful life Gog has gifted us. We thank him for this human life which is full of possibilities and challenges.

We fear of some religious fanatics who would destroy our harmony and create violence and uproar. We fear of some unknown conspiracy that would tarnish our worth.  We fear of venting our anger and losing our sanity. Yet we explore the lovely things around us. The gift of nature and our die-hard ambition which keeps us moving. We fear our failures, still, we strive harder to achieve our goal.

We fear of natural disasters which would swap us away and leave us in debris. We keep on exploring investment options for a secured future but fear of losing our riches. We live life to its fullest but we have fear of death. We have a fear of dropping our trusted friends when we need them the most. We fear the hypocritic society which would most of the time force us to wear a mask and lose our originality.

We fear our worries and our past burden. We live to wait for future surprises that the future holds for us. We realize that someday we may discover the true meaning of life. We yearn to win the hearts of our loved ones.

We fear the traffic jam and the pollution which would make us sick and irritable. We fear to get ill and getting inflicted by dreadful diseases that we have no control over. We fear being cheated and misjudged. We love to trust and create loving relationships. We plan for a holiday with our family. We find our soul mate for life always brings beautiful memories

We fear injustice despite our innocence and honesty. We never lose our courage and hope and fight for our existence.

We fear of the powerful and the corrupt who would make us feel helpless and insecure. But do we become weak and demoralized? We learn to accept and develop adaptability. We rise with new vigor and face the harsh truth. It makes us more patient and tolerant.

We fear that our loved ones will be no longer with us. We fear of loneliness. But we smile and rejoice each day to make life interesting. We fear of old age and our near and dear ones leaving us. But our nostalgia makes us passionate and gives us a new vision to life.

We come across many fears in our daily lives. But our fears don’t let us drown but help us swim better. Our fears help us to live life as it comes. When we are spiritually inclined, we get rid of all fears. 

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