Online Education- The New Trend

From time immemorial India is known for its glorious education. The gurukul Shiksha is an integral part of our ethos. The respect and sacrifice of the student in the Indian scenario is a glaring example of our strong value system. Over the years the education system has advanced and opened new vistas of learning. Professional education has taken the country to new heights. Technology has also brought a sea change in the education system.

Though online learning is gaining popularity it cannot replace interesting classroom teaching. Learning can be more interactive and fun based in the classroom. The teacher-student bond can only be developed with proper communication, respect, and understanding. The kinship and spirit of togetherness among classmates can strengthen lifelong ties.

In the present education pattern group learning, team participation, project-based assignments help in tapping the innate talent of the young minds. The extra-curricular activities, sports develop the overall personality of the student. Moreover, the campus environment can inspire and motivate budding minds.  The most beautiful aspect of campus learning is that it can leave memories to cherish for a lifetime. It can also make the learners disciplined and tough to face future challenges of life.

Technology has upgraded our education system and created new opportunities for students but it cannot yield long term results. Though the students can easily adapt to the new trends if information technology but it will not be possible for the mentors to cope up with the changes fast.

Indeed, there are a plethora of internet tools available but unbelievably not even half of the population of our country has access to the internet. And the excess use of mobile and laptop and pose serious health hazards to students. They may also become indifferent and apathetic and may also suffer from eye and posture problems.

The aim of education is not just producing techno-geeks with information and knowledge ready to enter the workforce but to focus on holistic learning. Such a progressive approach will lay the foundation of a value-based society. We can hope for the bright future of our students and a prosperous economy.

Online education may seem fascinating but it is just a temporary solution to the present crisis of coronavirus pandemic. It cannot compete with the growing demands of students and fulfill their needs. In the classroom the educators have a grasp of the psychology and behavior of students which helps them in making better assessments. The educator’s presence can make the student more attentive and participating.

“You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning as long as he lives.”

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