Coronavirus Pandemic A Catalyst For Change

The coronavirus has changed the way we live, think, and work. Life is not the same and we are now into a new world. We have to learn to adapt to the new changes to cope up with these difficult times. Soon, after the pandemic outbreak within a few months, we have adopted a new lifestyle. Now we are doing most of our work by ourselves. This is indeed a positive transformation; we have learned to manage things better.

We have also changed the means of our pleasure. We can absorb ourselves in reading useful literature and remain constructive. The telecast of great epics like Ramayana, Mahabharat has brought us back to our roots. These episodes have reminded of us our magnificent past and given a new meaning to our lives.

Cinema halls don’t lure us anymore and we are enjoying our favorite movies within the comfort of our homes with  video streaming  platforms. As we are not able to move out and enjoy restaurant food. We have started relishing homemade recipes and also improved our culinary skills. With the scarcity of essential commodities, we have developed a sense of gratitude for the things available to us. We can adjust to what we have today because by God’s blessings at least we are safe within our homes.

The work-home option has changed the work scenario. It may become a permanent pattern of work in some companies. The employees also find it flexible to adjust their working hours at home and give the desired results in the stipulated time frame. It is new for many people but it is the best option at the time of this crisis. Due to a lack of jobs, many people are redefining their career goals and looking for alternative work for home options.

Digital payments and transactions have also increased. The businesses are framing new business models, strategizing to make up the losses. They are changing their standard operating procedure. We can witness the changes in the hotel industry. They are shifting to online food delivery and implementing cloud kitchens. Many retail stores and outlets are adopting the eCommerce platform.

The health sector is also hugely impacted, telemedicine has changed the medical practice. It may become popular in the future as well. Mental health has become a burning issue, creating opportunities for motivational speakers and spiritual trainers.

The pandemic outbreak is also a time for us to heal, focus on ourselves, and spend quality time with our family. We can feel, that now luxury and flamboyance have taken a back seat. People are exploring new ways to find joy and happiness.

The minuscule microbe has deeply influenced our lives. It is in our hands how we react to the change. We can stay creative and calm and hope for things to turn better.

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