Awaken:To Prevent Suicides

The recent suicide of Bollywood actor Sushant Sing Rajput has shocked us. We are bent to think as to why such a talented, versatile and academically bright person would take such an extreme step of ending his life. This has also put a question mark on humanity that we are insensitive towards the pain and suffering of others.

The actor must be undergoing an inner turmoil that got him into depression and forced him to take medical help. He was otherwise a jovial and friendly person but due to some personal issue, he must have been disturbed. When unable to find an outlet to share his woes he decided to end his life.

This tragic incident reflects that we live in an artificial society that sets its norms and makes some people feel like a victim if they have a problem. As long as one smiles and laughs, everyone joins but when one loses track of life the same people leave. It is very easy to say that during episodes of hopelessness one should seek professional help and visit a counselor. Many helpline numbers are also available to share confidential matters. But sadly, suicide is increasing day by day. Be it financial debt, failure, relationship break up, or incompatibility with family members. Mental health workers can prescribe medications and help with psychotherapy which can be expensive. The main support is given by family and friends who know the person truly. Their love, support, and care at the crucial time can build faith and confidence in the person going through a rough patch and make him or her come out with the difficult situation and take control of life.

It touches our hearts when many nice people end their lives because of lack of timely help and support. Things will change when the mindset of people is changed. Mental health is given weightage when some celebrity or famous person succumbs to the disaster. But the grim reality is many common people pass through hell each day and unable to cope up with threatening life situations. Shamefully, we have become very cold and selfish that we ignore such matters and blame the sufferer for all the misery.

We can cultivate a healthy and open-minded society when mental health is not stigmatized. When we are liberated in all aspects why aren’t we liberated to provide help and save precious lives? An indifferent, callous attitude on the part of our society shows our fragmented value system.

In the west people die of loneliness but why in India people die untimely deaths when we are proud of our family, friends, and neighbors?

Such an alarming rate of suicides in India is a wake-up call for us to join hands and stop this heinous crime.

One thought on “Awaken:To Prevent Suicides

  1. Yes…. correct and agree ….very shocked about the demise of Sushant …. it’s an heart breaking news. We (human beings) are only the culprits. As a result many of them suffers depression because we are not having time to understand the feeling or the trauma through which our near and dear ones are going through. Instead of spending or you can say wasting time in mobile ….we should spend those precious time with dear ones…..


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