Life’s New Equations

We learn many things in the regular course of our life. When we practice these things on a habitual basis, they become conditioned in our minds. Due to the conditioning of the daily rituals, habits, etc, it is hard to forget them or unlearn them.

But in this dynamic world, nothing is static. We keep evolving and changing ourselves with the circumstances and events around us. Learning again may seem awkward but we have to mold ourselves and adapt new ways to survive and live our best. The coronavirus outbreak has made us learn and unlearn things.

We never imagined wearing masks or washing hands frequently. We have become used to it now. Even though we dislike it. Our smartphones should now be equipped with the Arogya Setu App which has become a necessity whether we want to visit a mall or go for some official work.

Students have to unlearn attending schools and colleges and follow the model of online learning. Mothers will have to learn to engage children more constructively and creatively to keep them busy at home. Friends will go for the virtual meeting due to the ongoing curse of social distancing.

Wedding ceremonies will no more be gala events with pomp and show. Very few people will join the auspicious moments.

Hoteling will not be our priority anymore and we have to learn to avoid frequent hotel visits. We have to learn to manage our household work on our own as entry to domestic help may pose a threat or if they are allowed extreme caution must be taken. We have to learn to convert our homes into offices and create a new workspace.

The closer of cinema halls will accelerate new means of entertainment. Due to the fear of catching infection people will no more opt for regular beauty salons visit rather look for permanent beauty solutions. Some may even learn new self-grooming tips. Commutation may become a hassle for people without their own vehicles. Auto Rikshaw operators will have to learn to take not more than two people. Therefore, traveling will become expensive for big middle-class families.

Now, temple visits will be risky so online darshan will be part of our lives. Vacations and tours will not be possible soon so we must learn to take more virtual tours to take glimpses of our favorite destinations. Many have to learn to give up the dream of working or studying in the US due to strict visa restrictions. Its time to look for opportunities home.

Many people have to learn to give up their current profession and learn new skills to make a living. The theatre industry will have to learn to adjust with limited shooting options choosing home, garden, and road as shooting locations with few crew members.

The health professionals will have to learn to wear the exhaustive PPT kit and focus more on telemedicine and online consultation.

It seems that the world has turned upside down. The influence of the virus has by and large impacted our minds. Its time to recondition our minds and learn again. Unlearning may be difficult and shocking but the human mind is gifted with the unique power to withstand all odds and recreate, regenerate, and reinvent.

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