Indian Culture A Myth Or Reality

India is known for its great culture and civilization. We are proud of our ancient rivers and sacred scriptures. The lessons of Bhagavat Gita are not only preached in India but are popular worldwide.

Our Vedas and Upanishads help us realize the real meaning of life. Certainly, India is magnificent and amazing with its rich values and ethos.

But shockingly we see a decline in the Indian values. Our self-image is fading. We are aping so much from the west that we have forgotten our true existence. Even westerners believe in the power of Vedic mantras. We see so many foreigners coming to India to take a glimpse of this majestic country. We can even spot them at ISCON temples singing hilariously our divine bhajans. So, there is something mystic about this country that charms everyone.

Unfortunately, in the present times, the Indian spirit is worn out. When it comes to the festival then only, we show our devotion and spirituality. In the regular course of life, we neglect our core values. India is recognized for its respect, love, and sacrifice. But we see disregard in families and fragmented families.

Our children are too engaged with electronic gadgets and busy with social networks. They have lost their innocence and warmth. They are too much attracted by western food, western lifestyle.

The younger generation doesn’t care a damn about anything. Their sole motive is to amass wealth and enjoy life to its fullest. The mushrooming of pubs and bars in big cities have given rise to crimes and drug addiction. 

We can also witness changes in our social fabric where marriage is no more considered an institution. People believe in live-in relationships, extramarital relations, and pre-marital sex. The result is dissatisfaction, infidelity, and insecurity.

We are proud of women like Sita, Draupadi, and Ahilya who glorified our culture. They are still quoted for their commitment, loyalty, and truth worthiness. Gone are the days now the Indian women have become very money minded and lack devotion and care. They are unable to save families, we can find people suffering in old age homes and young children being neglected unable to find a goal in life, and cultivate good ideals.

We can progress in the real sense when young girls are not raped in shelter homes and there is no female foeticide. What is the use of big technology and development when there is unrest, strife, and disharmony? If we really  want to follow the footsteps of the developed nations, we should first imbibe their punctuality, honesty, and good manners.

To have the real feel of India we need to leave our double standards and bring alive our true selves.

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