Covid-19 Implications

The Corona virus pandemic is the disaster of mankind. The spread of the virus seems uncontrollable and the death toll is on the rise. It makes us realize the stark reality of life that despite our powers, our riches we remain helpless to combat the pain, the discomfort, the loss caused by the virus attack.

The ongoing pandemic has deeply affected our psyche. People live in fear and anxiety and do not live life with the same vigour. Though we have set new rules of life and gradually adapted to the change. But overall people are stressed and feel uncertain.

The pandemic has created a recession. Many people have lost their jobs. The business is incurring losses. People are forced to commit suicide. Many are facing hand to mouth situation. Teachers and doctors are adjusting to the new style of working. The work from home trends is making people lose touch with office culture. Cashless transactions have increased but many people resist online banking or are not familiar with it.

Housewives do not have to rush to prepare tiffin for their children or spouse. The fitness freaks no more prefer to hit the gyms for work out and look for alternatives like walking, cycling, yoga, and meditation. They are opting to eat healthy to boost immunity. The current transition has made us shift from fast pace hectic life to a comfortable life.

People are not able to enjoy regular trips and outings. Festivals have lost their charm. Children remain confined to the four walls of the house trying to focus on the online mode of learning. They cannot enjoy the company of friends much and play outside. Social distancing has given rise to loneliness. People avoid social gatherings and parties nowadays. Therefore, social media has become a powerful means of interaction, sharing, and expressing.

The aspiring students are not able to take admission into exorbitant professional courses because of online learning which affects quality. Many ambitious professionals are unable to leave their city and join their dream jobs.

As we live in a consumerist society, people chase for a luxurious and glamorous life. They want more and more to gratify their ever-increasing needs. But the outbreak of the virus has made people understand the importance of a simple life where we can be happy and satisfied with even with the limited resources.

The corona virus has disrupted our lives and a chaotic situation has occurred now. The only solution left is to find order in the chaos and save ourselves from the havoc.

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