Cornona Era: Time To Reset

The Coronavirus pandemic is devastating. It has left many people diseased and many have succumbed to death.   The hospitals are full of COVID patients and many are in the waiting for admission.  

The virus attack is so deadly that strict precautions need to be taken to prevent its spread. Though the process of unlocking has begun and life is back to normal. But the effect of the virus cannot be mitigated. The treatment is quite expensive. Hospitals are charging heavily for COVID infection. And many other emergencies are left unattended and the patients die untimely deaths.

Therefore, staying safe is the best way to prevent the pandemic. When there is no vaccine yet to save from the deadly attack. All this might seem a nightmare but in these difficult moments, we can gather strength and remain positive and do our part. 

 Well, the pandemic is a blessing in disguise. It is time for us to realize that one should stop being selfish and respect human values and dignity of life. As the virus is the same for everyone, we should also be the same with everyone.  People usually wear a mask in society and hide their true selves to leave a good impression. Its time to become very fair and honest and remove the mask and become genuine. 

All this while, our fixed pattern of life has made our existence drab and monotonous. Rushing to office, managing domestic help, socializing, partying, and enjoying a sense of fulfillment. We never got time to sit and contemplate that where are we heading? And what are we chasing after? We join the mad race to become rich, famous, and glamorous, and still never feel satisfied and contended. The virus may lock us for some while so that we may unlock our true virtues and discover the real joy of life. For, money can give us a comfortable life but it cannot buy happiness.

Though we cannot enjoy stay in an expensive resort and rejuvenate ourselves, but we can certainly sit in silence or explore our creativity. We may not host a show to get an applaud but we can surely do some charity and help someone in need.

Social distancing is restricting us to attend Satsang and religious meet to get enlightenment and inner peace but we can be enlightened by being a better version of ourselves. This is the time to declutter our lives and prepare ourselves for the future. After the recession, there will be boom again but it shall happen by our sincere efforts. We can set new goals, look for alternatives, and change our selves to achieve success.

Just as we sanitize and wear a mask to protect ourselves from the coronavirus attack so why not cleanse and detoxify our hearts and minds and wipe the vicious pandemic of envy, hate, ignorance, and vanity?

We cannot beat the temple bells but we can let our hearts beat again with acts of kindness and love.

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