Vijayadashmi: Victory Of Good Over Evil

It’s Dussehra again. The Indian mythological festival Dussehra brings back memories of our magnificent past revealing our true culture.

Dussehra is celebrated with great excitement and vigour. Huge effigies of demon king Ravan stuffed with firecrackers are prepared in advance along with Meghnath and Kumbkaran and set ablaze on the auspicious day of Dussehra.  The whole event is filled with a lot of rejoicing, clapping, and distributing sweets. The festival marks the victory of good over evil, therefore also known as “Vijaydashmi”. It is followed by Navratri, the nine-day festival.

The festival of Dussehra brings hope that the demonic forces are destroyed with the burning of Ravan an epitome of evil. It gives the message that a new era has begun. An era where there is no deceit and betrayal.  Dussehra celebrated year after year teaches us the lesson no matter how powerful we might be we will meet our brutal end if our motive is malicious and immoral.

But nowadays Dussehra just seems to be a school essay, a moral story narrated to children time and again making them aware of our sacred text Ramayan and helping them to develop and nurture some good values. But the reality is quite different. The values learned in childhood days are forgotten after growing up. The innocence is forced to indulge in all unethical and immoral acts to achieve anything by hook and crook.

 In modern times the festival of Dussehra becomes a day to meet and greet, dine out, buy the latest consumer products, expensive cars, clothes, and jewelry. We want all new things and we feel pride in showing our riches. This is our materialistic mentality which is reflected in our pious and religious festival of Dussehra. Though prosperity comes with success and hard work and it should always be rewarded. But apart from all this luxury and exuberance, there is a deeper meaning attached to this sacred festival. But sadly, the true essence of Dussehra is lost somewhere in the glitter and glow. And the ceremony of  Ravan Dahan just becomes a ritual to mark respect to our great epic Ramayan.

Dussehra will hold good when we make an effort to destroy the evil within and around us. So, on this Dussehra let’s burn the Ravana of false ego, hated, and greed.  Practice righteousness, honesty, and remove bitterness and animosity. Spread the innocence of true love, goodness, and oneness to foster joy and happiness. This will make the Dussehra celebration worthwhile and memorable.

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