Diwali Amidst The Darkest Pandemic

Diwali is a festival of lights. It is a joyous and exciting festival involving month-long preparation. So many legends are associated with Diwali that explains the reason behind its celebration.  Diwali festival brings in unity and solidarity as it is celebrated all over the country by different communities for different reasons. Houses are illuminated with lightning and diyas. Crackers are burnt as a mark of celebration. Diwali is a vibrant festival accompanied by a lot of cheering, rejoicing, meeting, and greeting.

As we usher into the light on the festival of Diwali, we remove the darkness of fear, pessimism, and ignorance and add the brightness of hope, confidence, and courage to begin our life with a purpose. The dazzling lights of Diwali remind us to ignite our hearts and minds with purity and clarity.

  The coronavirus attack has made the festival dull. There was not much fun. The economy was badly hit because of the pandemic. There were fewer gatherings and the celebration was homely. Women lived up to the spirit of the festival by making delicious eateries and decorating rangolis.

The COVID-19 pandemic spoiled the beauty of the festival. People were afraid to go to markets or meet their near and dear ones. Many are caught with the infection and taking treatment in home isolation or hospitals. There are misery and grief everywhere due to the ongoing pandemic.

Many new cases have been reported due to the carelessness of people during the festive season. People are already battling the disease and again the hospitals are full of COVID patients. A very dismal situation has occurred on this auspicious Diwali festival. The jubilant festival is filled with gloom and despair. The Chinese crackers were restricted and the crackers as such were not entertained much due to their harmful effect on the corona patients and environment as a whole.

As we are a war against the pandemic, the Diwali celebration would only be meaningful if in these current moments of panic and distress we keep the light of hope, goodness, patience glowing. This would make this pious festival memorable in years and years to come.

The worship and prayers of Diwali will become true when we work hard for our dreams and at the same time become kinder and more generous to the helpless victims of the corona attack and others in need. Just like a candle burns itself to give light to others, let’s also burn ourselves with sweat and desire to fight the disastrous pandemic.

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