Ill Effects Of Modernisation

The ongoing progress and revolution in technology has led to modernization. This fascinating transition has made us proud and encouraged us to explore the limitless power of technology. The modernization with all its hype and charm has also caused serious ill effects hampering our peace and happiness.

But we live in a new era, a highly modernized and advanced era. We wake up from our mobile alarms.  We rely on IoT to keep track of our fitness regime. We charge our mobile batteries first before charging ourselves. We start our day with WhatsApp messages, chat, and videos to stay positive all through the day. We update ourselves with online newspapers to get the current news.

We rush for the office in automatic cars. We wait in sophisticated elevators of the high-rise buildings to reach our place. We get our food delivered through mobile apps. We use plastic money to fulfill our unending desires. Undoubtedly the digital payments save our time and make shopping convenient . But the ongoing rise in virtual transactions also pose cyber attacks . The unsafe use of internet technology give rise to cyber crimes arousing fear, threat, insecurity among people, disrupting lives. We interact on the social networking sites to maintain our social relationsand get more likes and shares but sadly seldom share the special moments of our life with near and dear ones.

 We take Geeta Gyan from virtual channels and podcasts but we are unable to fulfill our duties or abide by the principles of the sacred scripture in modern-day life. We are lured to buy the newer version of electronic gadgets and take pride in possessing them without bothering about e-waste.

We live in a completely digital world and think that technology is a boon for us which is making our lives easier and more comfortable. Being tech-savvy is our first choice rather than being loving and compassionate. We want everything in a jiffy to be in tune with the fast-paced life but are we in tune with our great culture, our ethos and our values? We promote the idea of “Vasudev Kutumbhakab” that is the whole world is our family, but we don’t even respect and love our own family and try to find happiness in the outside world. Every day we see horrible stories of betrayal, bloodshed making newspaper headlines, reflecting our envy, hate, and mistrust.  

We fight in the name of religion and defame women to suppress their true selves. We are hard-pressed to prove ourselves to society, parents, siblings, and peers.  They never look back on us when we fall apart.  We live in a make-believe world. We want to achieve the best to show our supremacy and power but we cannot come out of our narrow-mindedness.

We act like robots from morning to night, then we get sleepless nights and become stressed, anxious giving birth to all lifestyle diseases. We are efficient executives taking executive health check-up packages. We need to go for medical screening because of our constant attachment with the computer screens. To fulfill our ambitions, we delay marriages and go for expensive IVF treatments.

We go on holiday tours to view the panoramic sunset and unbelievably can’t see the sunshine every day or have time to enjoy the sunlight.

We can say that the present day inventions are a hindrance to our existence, our survival. All the luxuries that seem to make our lives easier have ironically made life more complex.

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