The Art Of Self Nurture

Self Nurtring adds to the beauty of life.

In today’s hectic life when time is limited and our priorities are too high, we often neglect our own choices and chase for things that are high priced. We often give too much importance to relationships that are ephemeral and may not give us happiness all the time. Our loved ones may live with us at any time. Therefore, with attachment comes pain also. What is true and real in this ever-changing world is our self-worth. It gives us so much pleasure when we pamper ourselves and take care of ourselves. The art of self nurture makes us worthwhile.  It is certainly not being selfish but that makes us so important and precious.

Self-Love is so important. Self-love gives so much nurturing and strengthening to our hearts and mind. With love comes respect. Therefore, when we love ourselves. Therefore, when we love ourselves, truly take care of ourselves we respect ourselves. Self-nurture brings real joy to our existence.

Life is unexpected and if we face a health crisis. Our neighbors may suffer from a dreaded disease. We lose track of our normal life. We may be hospitalized, bear financial expenses and periods of distress during the time of illness. The visit to doctors makes us realize the importance of good health, fitness, exercise, and balanced life. We know how nutritious food is an essential part of our lives, home-cooked easy recipes that not only add spice to our taste but also spice to our lives.Such day to day acts of self-nurture makes our life more valuable.

Health is wealth and it is also said that a healthy mind has a healthy body.  So, we must have enough time to sleep, rest and recreate, unfortunately in the fast-paced world we seldom enjoy the basics of life. The bountiful nature with its charisma, the chirping of birds, the dew drops on leaves, the gentle breeze makes our living magical and beautiful. Mindfulness everyday makes life meaning full and worth living. When we are mindful, we live in present, concentrate on what is now, that makes the journey of our life much easier. When we are mindful, we don’t care about the hurts of others and the worries of life. We enjoy the moments of life as a gift and learn to make best make use of them.

We go for cosmetology, makeovers and look for permanent solutions to look stunning and beautiful. But outward appeal is not the reflection of our true identity. One may face inner unrest, conflict and turmoil. True contentment comes by purifying our soul. It is not very difficult but it comes with regular practice. Patience, hard work, and the right focus help us to achieve the want we desire and stay happy.

Taking caring of our well-being gives us so much satisfaction. When we do the things we love, just talk out with our near ones share memories, laughter and special times it gives immense pleasure. Above all the joy of life lies in togetherness. We adore ourselves, people adore us too and that’s how we build positive connections.

Good behavior, strong character, and good virtue are the gemstones that we wear to shine apart.

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