An Open Letter

I know everyone is undergoing hard times. The coronavirus has caused havoc in our lives. We are forced to face lockdown. House arrest has brought our lives to a standstill. We have to adjust with the minimum. Our dear ones, neighbors, and friends are caught by the dreaded infection. They are fighting with life, The families are in grief. The disease is life-threatening and we have fear of losing our kith and kin. The situation is grim and uncertain. The vaccines are running out of stock. Hospitals are devoid of life-saving drugs.
At this horrible hour, we can trust our patience, strength, and endurance. There were times when we had all the fun and enjoyment and we never realized that life could throw us into a challenging situation. The world would turn upside down and we would face a catastrophe like this…
Therefore I appeal to everyone that be empathetic, kind, considerate, and helpful during these stressful times. Make the best use of the present. Try to be good and productive. Prepare yourself for the future and try to connect with your friends and families to show them you care.
I Hope, the dark clouds of gloom and despair will vanish and we will soon get back to the normal track of life 🙂

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