Balancing Life

Life can be joyful.
Fly high in life

Life cannot be perfect. Though we seek perfection for a fulfilling life. We yearn for a perfect job, a perfect life partner, a perfect family life. But it is not true, we may always get what we always wish. We have to make adjustments and live with the imperfections of life and learn to find joy.

We are happy, we have a perfect family, a perfect life but in a pandemic-like situation we lose our near and dear ones, so we lose the zest out of our lives. If we meet a tragedy, face losses, failure, betrayal. Do we give up? Let those unforeseen events dictate our lives? Certainly not, we overpower the mishappenings with our patience, effort, and faith. 

 Surely money can buy many things. It can make our life much comfortable and stress-free. But money is not the panacea for all happiness in life. For peace and satisfaction, we look for honesty, commitment, and faithfulness.

Undoubtedly, life is a beautiful gift of God, a wonderful opportunity to learn and grow. We cannot regret or be sorry for what we have lost. Life is too short to feel the hurt, rebuke, envy, or complain. We should make the best use of each day because time passes away very fast. Life may be unfair to us, it may test us, put us under difficult circumstances. But do we forget the music of life, the melody which gets us into the rhythm and tune us to sing amidst the storms?

 No matter what, life is to smile, to feel blessed, and be thankful for what we have. We tend to compare ourselves with others and feel disappointed. Each person is unique in itself, everyone has different circumstances in life. Life cannot be the same for everyone. So why compare our achievements and success with others. What we gain and accomplish may be worthy, which may make us realize our true potential. We all have infinite powers, abilities, we are the creators of our destiny. So, should we lose courage and hope in the adversities of life? Each day is a new start, a fresh beginning. A positive attitude and strong willpower can turn misfortune into fortune.

Life is meaningful even when the road is rough. We can make it worthwhile by valuing it and respecting it. A child may feel very happy and loved to be pampered by his parents. An orphan may feel secure to find a shelter home. Well, this is an imperfection of life to be born an orphan. It may be a misfortune, but that unfortunate child can make his or her living worthy by making the most out of life.

One may not be born with a high IQ or come from an affluent background. So, should that person stop having big dreams? We all can fulfil our dreams with our hard work, persistency, and focus.

Celebrate the small events of life with enthusiasm. Don’t let your happiness wait for big events of life. If you had a lovely tour, learned a new skill, or earned a certificate. Just enjoy to relish your favourite dish, a fun time with your pet, or rejoice in the rains and thank God for the fresh showers.

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