Human: The Indomitable Species

Human mind can explore wonderful things. They can create  miracles.
Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich on

It’s a boon to be born as a human. Our birth as a human is a gift of God. Humans are endowed with higher qualities, characteristics than other beings on this earth. They can think, act and respond. They are blessed by the power of emotions too. These unique traits of humans help them set apart and create wonders. Humans possess the intellectual capacity but also have the special ability to endure, tolerate and mold according to the situations. 

Undoubtedly these extraordinary dimensions of the human race proved to be a miracle. They set them apart from other beings and show that they are superior in every way. With their ingenuity and originality, they create wonders. But the grim reality is that these human beings which seem all-powerful are prone to fatigue, illness, and degeneration. 

People succumb to disease, accidents, and other mishaps. These so-called supreme beings experience grief, pain, and discomfort which make them helpless. The health system has been highly revolutionized with the influx of technology. Tools, like artificial intelligence, robotics, virtual reality have revolutionized the healthcare system. Modernized methods of treatment have evolved making the treatment very easy and effective. But the diseases are never-ending and so too the suffering.

No matter how advanced we have become, we have everything in the grip of our hands. We have explored the other planets, we have made immense contributions in the field of science, technology, art, and literature. But we are deaftless in front of pain, agony which may hinder us for a long time or weaken us. We may commit mistakes, we also indulge in illegal, immoral activities. We break the barriers. We even jeopardize others’ lives. We commit heinous crimes that are unpardonable. We boast of our existence, flaunt our riches, pamper our ego, vindicate others as if we have no soul, no conscience.

Then we say that we are a highly evolved species. The fact is that in the present times the humans have become utter shameless, they do not fear acting unsucruposly. They portray a false picture of their identity and pretend to be very good. They feel happy in fulfilling their materialistic pursuits and have the notion that with their wealth and power they can destroy anything and overpower anyone.

But we all surrender ourselves at a certain point in time in front of uncontrollable factors. But are too proud of our achievements, our innovations our discoveries.. We feel too mighty with our power, wealth. We can amass wealth, hit the sky, do miracles. We have emotions and feelings which we either use for constructive or destructive purposes.

But time and again the nature has taught lessons to mankind. We face devastation due to natural calamities, pandemics, wars, and so on. The supernatural God 

cannot forgive humans for their sins. 

They will be punished and their soul will never rest in peace.

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