Holi – The Festival Of Colors

Festivals bring joy and happiness to our lives. Holi is an auspicious Indian festival. This year Holi was celebrated with great fan and fare as the lockdowns due to the coronavirus pandemic had stopped all gatherings and celebrations for the last two years. People celebrated with their true hearts with gulal and tesu flowers. Holi is indeed a pious festival with the mythological story attached to Holi. It truly signifies that evil ends and the good thrives. It is the victory of truth over untruth. As the story states Vishnu bhakta Prahalad was saved and the wicked Holika was burnt into flames. We are hearing this story since childhood and the moral values deeply imbibed from the beginning.

This year again the festival was celebrated with great enthusiasm. A lot of fervor and excitement are seen in bazaars and hare krishna temples where people celebrated Holi in full swing. Holi festival teaches us to give up all vices and forgive everyone. It is a beautiful festival to spread happiness and joy and play the colors of togetherness and love. We share delicious sweets and delicacies to add sweetness to our lives. Just like the vibrant colors the festival of Holi makes our life vivid and beautiful.

On the day of Holi, we make promises to give up our ego, hatred, envy, and jealousy. Holi is a meaningful festival giving us a message and cultivating virtues and giving up malice and falsehood. Holi celebrations do not mean just partying and enjoying. The significant aspect of it is that we become more humble and faithful. In the modern and hedonistic world where people believe in indulgence the true meaning of the festival is lost. Folks just find another reason for merriment without self-introspection and realization.

Holi is a bright and shining festival and we can add vigor when we purify our souls and embrace everyone heartily.

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