Positive Thinking For Better Life

Life is pleasant journey
Photo by MoldyVintage Photo on Pexels.com

We all have ups and downs in life. Life is always not a smooth selling. On may fail in a relationship, lose a job, competitors win over or friends abandon. No matter how good and competent one may be certain unforeseen events may turn your life bitter. People may be unmindful of your situation and leave you in doubt. They may be partying and jeering outside and not show any empathy. That’s how we live in modern society, the big fish eats the small one. Even the great saint Gautam Buddha said power and greed have added to our sufferings.

 The road may be rugged and the path of life may be difficult the struggle and battles of life may seem unending as if you have met your dead end. One may be upset about some grief or failure but everything is transitory and the turmoil will pass. There should be no fear because the darkest cloud has a silver lining and faith. It’s the optimism and faith that would make one leave in peace.

 But actually, there is no dead end as such. One can cope and surpass all difficulties and alter the negative into positive. The glass is either half full or half empty

You may count your blessings and feel that life is much more than you see. The stars shine bright every night, New day awaits the beautiful sunshine.

 Even one is resilient and adjusting, still things fall apart. No matter what circumstance life may throw, we have the power to mend, mould ourselves, and confront the adversities of life. There are a lot of choices and options. Life always gives opportunity, One should know to avail.

Be positive. And thank God for now. The present is important. Live in the moment. It will ward off worries. Take action of the situation and learn to adapt to the change, this is how life would become meaningful.

Just think of the horrible situation when the coronavirus outbreak had threatened our existence. So many people lost their loved ones and many others died untimely death or succumbed to the disease. Now due to vaccination and strict protocols, we have adjusted to the new norm. The situation is quite controlled and people everywhere have learned to accept the reality.

Most importantly we are very fragile. We wage a war to show our supremacy. Just like Russia and Ukraine where there is violence and unrest in the present times. So many natives have left Ukraine and taken refugees elsewhere. Other countries of the world had put trade barriers with Russia due to its hegemony. Many  Indian students in Ukraine have returned to safeguard their lives. Many nations have also been affected due to the agitation.

Everyone is praying for peace. And our faith shall hold us and help us find a new way.

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