Festival Celebrations: A Joy

Life amidst festivals

Festivals add spark to our lives. Festivals make us cheerful, refresh us, and rejoice in us. The Gudi Padwa is a special festival of Hindus celebrated with great fervor. It is the start of the new year. On the day of Gudi, the Padwa people usher in a new vision and hope. Gudi Padwa is a sweet festival where people tie Gudiya outside their houses. It is an auspicious day celebrated with joy by making shrikhand and pooran poli.

Undoubtedly life has become very hectic and stressful. Time is valuable, people are rushing to their offices. Many are struggling to find a new job. Some are required to polish their skills or acquire new skills to stand the cut throat competition. There is disappointment and despair in the hearts as there is no true love as we have become very selfish and materlistic. Farmers commit suicide and people die because of debt and financial troubles. The youth has become ruthless lacking emotional intelligence. Emotional disturbance, failing relationships have become very common in the digital age.

The older generation has lost hope to live. Many are fighting with sickness and disease and do not even have money for expensive medical treatment. Between all this, we smile, laugh, and ignore the miseries of life.

We live in conflicts, penury, boredom. The houses are vulnerable to violence and discord. Society is full of animosity and hate. We love in the modern era but religious bias and acrimony prevail as the Bharatanatyam dancer Mansiya VP was not allowed to take part in a dance performance. There is injustice and cruelty. In our own country, we live with pain because of domination and threat as we see the plight of Kashmiri pundits. We suffer from price rises, inflation and GDP fluctuates due to pandemics or global crises.

The conflict persists and fills our hearts with agony. We manage the conflict, the strife, the struggle, the controversy by being gentle, kind-hearted, loving, patient, and tolerant.

But away from all this, there is life whether it is a comedy or tragedy. Life is beautiful and it should be lived with care and love.

Festivals add brightness to our lives. It keeps us away from the humdrum routine. We get together and enjoy the precious moments with family and friends. Gudi Padwa is a very pleasant festival. It ignites us and our energies and makes our life more pleasurable. People break the vicious circle of negativity by being religious and spiritual.

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