The Rising Problem Of Lonliness

hectic life

Loneliness is the curse of modern society. We have progressed by leaps and bounds. We live in the digital age, we live aristocratic lives. Due to immense development, we have everything at our feet in the modern age but still due to a lack of emotions, and empathy some people live very secluded lives. Those who are lonely are looked down upon in society as if they are responsible for their situation.

We have become very selfish in the modern world. We don’t have time for our loved ones. We fail to give respect to others. We live in paush bungalows,drive luxury cars, and wear glamorous clothes. We have a big ego. Our ego breaks the connections between our family and friends.

We may be very proficient, and competent. We fail to be humble, loving, and caring that’s why we hear of suicide stories. We have become very indifferent to the pain and agony of others. Even very successful become lonely at some point in their life due to hurt, betrayal, and callousness.

We love to eat Italian pizza but we can’t be mannerful and sincere to others. We want to flaunt our status symbol but avoid our people. Loneliness has become a big problem in society. Many people lead estranged and stigmatized lives. It is people’s narrowmindedness, vanity, and harsh attitude making good people lonely in society.

Education, wealth prosperity, ambition should not make one cruel but altruistic as it is said ” a little kindness is worth more than a great deal of money”

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