Degradation Of Moral Values In Present Times

decline in moral values

Moral values are fading these days. The youngsters are busy preparing for their careers and enjoying their life. They have little concern for social problems or family affairs. The old people are often neglected we hear cases of young people mistreating their old parents or even throwing them out. Due to the highly competitive life, the small children are neglected. The parents leave them in creches where they are devoid of warmth and care. The culture is degrading day by day due to the effect of the western influence and movies which often mislead the younger generation. Middle-age people are struggling hard to keep up with their families due to the rising inflation and weak government policies.

Electronic gadgets and mobile apps have changed the methods of learning. Children are addicted to the online mode of education. As the effect of the pandemic is diminishing, they have started attending offline classes. But we see nowadays that they have less regard for their mentors and they are glued to their ipads and laptops. Gone are the days when students valued their teachers and had immense gratitude for them.

The spread of pandemic made cloud kitchens popular. Now online apps like Zomato, Swiggy  have made food delivery easy but given rise to a new culture. Earlier the family members used to gather, cook together and have a beautiful family time. Now the changing trend has encouraged people to order online. Life has become very fast and hectic in the coming times. The food habits of children and even adults have been spoiled due to junk food.. More and more children are now suffering from obesity and don’t understand the value of nutritious food. Adults are affected by diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, and cancer. Though we  have become  highly educated due to eroding values and ideals life is becoming more and more complex. People have forgotten the worth of simple and meaningful living.

New modes of entertainment have evolved. Theatres have been replaced by OTT platforms for fun and enjoyment. People enjoy movies and other shows late at night. They have forgotten to rise early, and do meditation and exercises. Though we see religious fanaticism in people on festival days there is a lack of spirituality and people have become less God-fearing. Moreover, in modern times due to urbanization, we witness the rising problem of loneliness. The lonely people have become addicted to smoking and drugs which is disrupting our society. The stiff competition is forcing youngsters to commit suicide which is very disappointing and reflects our weak support system.

Our avarice and greed have led to low ethics and moral values, thus increasing crimes resulting in fear and threat among innocent masses. The have’s and have nots have created a class of rude and arrogant rich class causing animosity between people. People in this information age are busy with their selfish pursuits and lack human values. Those who are fortunate enough to grab good education and a lucrative job, hold top positions and live the affluent lifestyle, hardly feel the pain of others and don’t bother about the problems of even their kith and kin.

The low moral values have created unrest and turmoil in society. We see honest people struggling and facing hardships. Illiteracy and population explosion have added to the woes.

As we march into the digital age, it is high time we keep our moral values high to create a just and equal society and spread happiness all around.

We can dream of a kind and honest world only if we nurture moral values and keep our ethos.

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