In The Age Of Turbulence

Shooting and Killings
Gunfire and Massacre

In the present times, we are living in an insecure and fragile . We are witnessing bloodshed and cruelty everywhere in the age of turbulence. The Russian Ukraine war is creating upheaval and tension all across the world. It has affected the economies of the world. The crude oil prices have gone up and essential goods have also become expensive.

In the highly revolutionized world, every country/ nation wants to establish its hegemony and overpower the other. Now China and Taiwan relations are also getting sour.

Violence, threat, and scarcity are  frequent in the age of turbulence. Some or the other incidences of bloodshed are witnessed. Terrorism is rampant. Many brutal killings took place in the Kashmir valley. The terrorist gang is taking innocent lives and disrupting the normal lives of people.

Hate, revenge, and vengeance are creating a hostile mob shooting and firing in broad daylight. The Texas incidence of attack on school children is an eye-opener that we live in the age of turbulence. Frustration, apathy, injustice, and inequality is giving rise to a criminal mindset. Moreover, the urge to show power and supremacy has created problems in the world. Corrupt practices, hooliganism and vandalism have also made us unsafe and fearful.

We are facing wave after wave of COVID -19. The world is in the grip of disease, war, and unrest. The coronavirus pandemic is not wiping out despite adherence to strict protocols and mass vaccination. The impact of the pandemic is severe, it has taken many lives and also deeply affected the lives of people. Such adverse conditions over the world have left many people homeless and orphans.

The countries of the world are in shambles. The economic crises in Sri Lanka have made the life of its people miserable. The situation in Pakistan is also bleak. The country is on the verge of collapsing and losing its military power. Living has become very difficult in the age of turbulence.

In the highly developing world, the needs and wants of people are increasing day by day. There is no end to human desires. So the underprivileged feel unhappy and neglected. Though we are progressing tremendously in every sphere of life, the unevenness is widening the gap making a lot of people feel agitated and disgruntled in the age of turbulence.

Urbanization and commercialization have led to environmental degradation. Man in the lure to pursue his selfish goals is destroying nature, and creating havoc in the world. We have to pay a heavy price for our greed and avarice.

Modernization has made our lives easier and more comfortable but also threatened our existence. Cutting down trees, excessive use of electronic gadgets, and exploitation of resources has further created an imbalance in our lifestyle in the age of turbulence

Despite the inventions, growth, and prosperity we are living in a world that has killed the hopes and aspirations of many people.

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