Employment Crises In India

competition and job

In the present times we are facing problems like inflation, economic slowdown, and the weakening of the Indian rupee. Such adverse conditions are leading to employment crisis in India.

 Despite the crises there is a sudden boom in the start up industry.. Though the idea behind the startup is innovation and growth. But unfortunately, in the recent past, many startups have failed due to poor funding or several other factors. In recent times many flourishing starts up had to cut down their workforce. This has left many talented people out of jobs.

In the light of the above facts, the employment crises in India is causing havoc. Much skilled youth are facing unemployment. There is a dearth of jobs. The educational institutes charge exorbitant fees to grant professional degrees but are not able to equip the student for the current job market. To acquire skills the educated youth have to look for other sources.

The condition of the private companies is pathetic. They do not follow any HR code. The company hires employees with low salaries without offering them proper benefits and facilities. Due to a lack of jobs, qualified people are forced to join such companies. Human Resources only follow the policy of hire and fire. Such bad practices make our educated and aspiring youth insecure and disappointed. It makes their future uncertain and their dreams shattered.

There is a policy of reservation in our country which is also a reason for employment crises in India. Moreover due to overpopulation competition is very high. For limited seats, there is a large number of applicants. Nowadays, the students prepare for years and years for government jobs and join hefty coaching classes but due to the high level of corruption, many fail to get selected and acquire a good position.

Education has become a business. It’s been commercialized and become a means to amass wealth. Many professional institutes like engineering, management, and medical are opening up that promise to guarantee a degree but are not at par. The fees are also high and such institutes are unable to meet the quality standards. This leaves a large chunk of jobless degree holders further leading to employment crises in India

The employment conditions in our country are dismal. A lot of students feel frustrated and dejected due to the employment crises in India. They are unable to get their dream job and have to compromise to survive and earn a living.

Poor living conditions, orthodox and backward society, the narrow-minded attitude of people, pollution, and such adverse factors is forcing many bright students to foreign studies. This is leading to a brain drain in our country. Now many students like to opt for education abroad as they get proper grooming which helps them get a lucrative job and live a comfortable life.

It is disheartening to note that the youth of our country is caught in the vicious circle of unemployment, poverty, the influence of social media, and western influence. This is further leading to employment crises in India.

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