I would start with myself with a note that love writing. Its part of my life. Its been a long time into wrting now. Online blog writing has passed 3 years but I started with newspaper publications long back. My family play role in motivating me and helped me in achieving so far.

My Goal

I am an optimistic person with an emotional nature. I like to think, dream and explore. Blogging is a wonderful platform for me to reveal my true self. I am fond of poetry, reading, cooking, travelling, spirituality, mythology, management psychology and philosophy. Through my blogs I want to express myself truly, tell my story, share thoughts and inspire everyone.

I am glad that I am endowed with creativity and is an asset in my blogging career. I nurture it everyday with my zeal and creativity.

I would like to connect with more and more people through my blogs and at the same time earn name and fame.

My Purpose

Writers are usually radical thinkers. I am one too. I want to see a change in the outlook of people and society at large my sharp pen.