Degradation Of Moral Values In Present Times

it is sad to reveal that moral values are at stake in present times. though we have achieved great success in all speres of life. It is high time we safeguard our moral values.

Holi – The Festival Of Colors

Festivals bring joy and happiness to our lives. Holi is an auspicious Indian festival. This year Holi was celebrated with great fan and fare as the lockdowns due to the coronavirus pandemic had stopped all gatherings and celebrations for the last two years. People celebrated with their true hearts with gulal and tesu flowers. Holi Continue reading Holi – The Festival Of Colors

Importance Of LinkedIn

It is important for management professionals and MBAs to increase their online presence. The following presentation will throw light that how LinkedIn a powerful social networking platform helps them achieve their goals. LinkedIn: Strong Medium To Build Connections LinkedIn is a great platform to get industry insights. It helps the upcoming management professionals abreast of Continue reading Importance Of LinkedIn