Coronovirus Outbreak Tragedy Of Mankind

The COVID-19 outbreak has devastated lives. Every single moment someone is dying. Life has become so cheap. Despite od advancement in science and technology, we were being a victim of the deadly virus. The pandemic has created havoc all over the world. Even the mighty nations are helpless amidst the crises. Everything has come to Continue reading Coronovirus Outbreak Tragedy Of Mankind

Vivekananda A Youth Icon

12th January is the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda. It is celebrated as an national youth day. The problems like poverty, education, agriculture, women empowerment was in the era of Swami Vivekananda and are still persisting. That time also Vivekananda pondered over these problems and gave solutions for the same but today’s leaders have no Continue reading Vivekananda A Youth Icon

Technology can Revolutionize Education

This is the age of information. We have modernized, and ushered into the digital arena. Everything is available at the click of the mouse. Due to the boom in information technology education has become digital worldwide. The world is changing very fast. Artificial intelligence, robotics, neural networks are the buzz words. Technology can certainly revolutionize education. Moreover, Continue reading Technology can Revolutionize Education

Internet of Things- The New Buzzword

Many companies like Google, Apple, IBM, Cisco has been successful in the field of the Internet of things. Seeing their good performance, business in India and abroad have shifted their focus to non-traditional business. According to one report by Gartner by 2020 the internet of things is going to be 309 Arab dollars. As per one survey by 2021 Continue reading Internet of Things- The New Buzzword