Welcome 2020 Adieu 2019

  We have entered into 2020. A new year. So, its time to celebrate and have fun and gaiety. The new year is full of charm with scintillating fireworks which leave us spellbound, mouth-watering eateries, jazzy shows and so much of hullabaloo. Isn’t all this ecstasy short-lived and the overindulgence so hackneyed?

So, what’s the celebration? What’s new?  We see the same children at the roadside begging for a penny. The abandoned homeless lot shivering out of the cold. The poverty struck people gazing for a better tomorrow. The same stray dogs and liter on roads, fight for survival. The unrest turmoil which is taking our peace. The visionless mob and the apathy around.

It is retrogressive progress. At one end we talk of artificial intelligence, robotics and boast of our innovations and achievements. We think we are the smarter generation and everything is in our grip. But still, we face the same earthquakes, the devastation which turns us down in a jiffy.

At the start of the new year, we make hardcore new year resolutions. We make a list of dos and dons. We write mission statements. Do we stick to them? After some time, we start with the same fixed set of life.

On the day of the new year, we pray to God to make us more successful. We wish that lady luck should smile this time and topple our fate.

Can’t we become a maverick and get rid of the outdated thought pattern and discover something new.  We look for new challenges but can we not revive our old relationships Can’t we become warmer and more considerate. We are so obsessed with the virtual world that we forget our near friends. Can be not meet out and greet people.

This new year we should look around and help people in need, bring a smile to the lonely, be generous in our dealings. In this new year, we should become less egoistic and embrace people with love If we become more optimistic and find meaning in our lives. If we stop regretting and become more hopeful. So this New Year lets introspect and live with a purpose.

The new year will be new if to be novel in our thoughts. So it makes this year worthwhile by spreading laughter and happiness for memories to cherish a lifetime.

Happy New Year!

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